Welcome. We Are Fly.

Co-founder Dave Warren is a Madison Avenue branding guru. Co-founder Larry Rowen is an expert marketer. Together, they created FLY. FLY is a full-service agency that specializes in combining best-of-breed branding with metrics-driven marketing across all media channels and digital platforms, including web, TV, radio, social media, print, collateral, and outdoor.


FLY combines branding and direct response. Not a lot of people can do that. Wonder why? It’s because the two disciplines affect completely separate parts of the brain.

Great branding makes its way into your long-term memory store, impacting the way you feel when you encounter a product or company. (If it doesn’t, you need a new agency.)

Great direct response is captured in your short-term memory store, triggering an immediate action. (If it’s not immediate, don’t wait up for it.)

How do you combine the two? You’ll have to come see us to find out. In the meantime, take a look at our work. We think it speaks for itself.

fly fast facts

Founded: October 2001

Offices: New York City, with satellite offices in Los Angeles, Tallinn (Estonia), and Helsinki (Finland)

Client Base: Diverse

Technology: Complete front- and back-end capabilities

Services: Creative, strategy, marketing, social media, branding and corporate ID

Wild Turkey Kiss My Face New York Jets
Fly Clients
  • Amazon
  • American Express
  • Build America Mutual
  • Berenson & Company
  • Cigna Healthcare Insurance
  • Conde Nast
  • Education Connection
  • Envision EMI
  • Everyday Health
  • French Culinary Institute
  • Hearst
  • Kiss My Face
  • Marks Paneth & Shron
  • The Marvel Experience
  • Meredith Corporation
  • New Jersey Natural Gas
  • New York Jets
  • New York Life
  • NFL
  • No Labels
  • NYU
  • On Deck Capital
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Prudential
  • Related
  • Scholastic
  • SunSetter Awnings
  • Time Warner
  • TravelClick
  • UC Santa Cruz
  • UGI
  • Web.com
  • Wild Turkey